7 Reasons to Choose a Vacation Rental over a Hotel

vacation rentals versus hotels

Our family recently experienced our very first, multi-generational family vacation in a vacation rental.

To give you some background, traveling together has somewhat been our family pastime. So much so, that we’ve traveled to at least 25 countries together and have enjoyed staying in hotels and on cruise ships around the world. I mention this to point out that we aren’t rookie travelers.

Except when it comes to vacation rentals! We were admittedly hesitant to book a vacation rental at first. After all, sorting through the slew of vacation rental options is time consuming enough, not to mention getting everyone to agree upon one of them. It’s a feat in and of itself, to say the least.

Well, we took the plunge and found ourselves reflecting on our first vacation rental experience over a relaxing breakfast on the last day of our vacation. Was staying in a vacation rental really better than staying in a hotel?

Our conclusion was yes, it was. Here are 7 reasons why you will want to choose a vacation rental over a hotel for your next family vacation.

vacation rentals versus hotels - more space

1| Vacation Rentals Give You More Space

This seems to be the initial attracting factor of vacation rentals. Vacations are about spending time together as a family. Yet no matter how well your family gets along, the vacation can get old really fast when you’re packed like sardines. It may leave you wanting time apart, defeating the purpose of a vacation.

Enter the vacation rental, which will allow you the best of both worlds: space enough to spend time together and extra elbow room to get out of each others’ hair.

No need to cram the entire family into a tiny hotel room or even a hotel suite. In a vacation rental, not only do you have more space, but everyone in your family has their own space. This is a necessity if you’re planning a multi-generational trip.

The cherry on top is that your family won’t be bothered by thin hotel walls or the noisy hotel party happening nearby.

vacation rentals versus hotels - budget friendly
The Eileen Home by Twelve Springs

2| Vacation Rentals are More Cost Effective than Hotels

Along with the extra space, you’ll find yourself with extra money to put toward fun ways to make family memories while on vacation.

This is because a vacation rental offers you more space at a better price than a hotel does.

Fully stocked kitchens allow you to save further by giving you the liberty to cook meals in your vacation rental versus eating out if you stay at a hotel. If you do choose to eat out, there’s ample room to store your leftovers in the full-size refrigerator at a vacation rental compared to a mini fridge in a hotel room.

vacation rentals versus hotels - no hidden fees

3| Vacation Rentals Don’t Have Additional Charges

When you inquire on various vacation rentals, you will receive a quote with a detailed breakdown of the costs. Typical vacation rental costs include rent, security deposit, a cleaning fee, and possibly a pool heating fee. Once you book and pay for your rental, there are no surprise costs.

It may seem this way when you book a hotel, but when you arrive you find you have to pay for parking, wifi, and other miscellaneous items.

When you arrive at your vacation rental, you can enjoy the peace of mind that you have already paid for everything related to your accommodations. Simply park on the property and use the complimentary wifi.


vacation rentals versus hotels - private amenities
The Chestnut Home by Twelve Springs

4| Vacation Rentals Offer Private Amenities

A home with as many bedrooms as you need, a fully stocked kitchen, several TV’s, private pools, private hot tubs, private game rooms – need we say more?

A vacation rental offers a slew of private amenities.

You can wash your clothes any time of day, whenever you please, in your own washer and dryer versus being locked in to the hotel laundry service. This is especially convenient for families traveling with young children.

Many vacation homes even allow renters to hold small gatherings like birthday parties, graduation celebrations, or wedding rehearsal dinners.

vacation rentals versus hotels - pets

5| Vacation Rentals Allow Pets

Much like the little girl and her dog featured in HomeAway’s #wholevacation commercial, some travelers have furry friends they can’t bear to leave at home.

Those travelers will be happy to know that many vacation rentals are pet-friendly, so Fido can come too!

Six sisters stuff disneyland vacation rental Twelve Springs
Via the Six Sisters’ stay in the Harriet Home by Twelve Springs

6| Vacation Rentals are Kid-Friendly

Many vacation rentals come stocked with a crib or pack ‘n play and a high chair. Some even have toys, single or double strollers, beach equipment, and more!

Traveling with little ones will be less stressful because you can mimic the setups you have at home for feeding and sleeping, keeping their routine running smoothly. If your toddler throws food on the floor or has a temper tantrum, you’ll be thankful that you’re “at home” and not at a nice restaurant. If you have teenagers, you’ll have room to store more food for them in the fridge.

vacation rentals versus hotels - kids

7| Vacation Rentals Let You Be a Family

Would you rather watch a movie together in a hotel room with the entire family crammed on the bed or watch a movie in a spacious living room of a comfortable home?

Better yet, how would feel if your hotel room was the main hangout and meeting point for the entire family during your vacation?

It may leave you wanting a vacation after your vacation…


Find a Vacation Rental

These are the main reasons our family enjoyed staying in a vacation rental for our recent multi-generational trip. If you’re interested in staying in a vacation rental as a family, then what are you waiting for? Begin your search for a vacation rental to suite your family’s needs.

vacation rental versus hotel

Author: Andrea

Originally from Oklahoma, Andrea has traveled to 30 countries on 4 different continents and is now, along with her husband and daughter, happy to call the OC her home. Together they enjoy being outdoors, exploring new local places, and finding fun things to do as a family in Orange County.