12 Fantastic Restaurants in Anaheim’s Historic Downtown

12 Fantastic Restaurants in Anaheim's Historic Downtown

Are you on the hunt for some tasty restaurants in Anaheim? Well, prepare. To Be. Amazed! Four fantastic, distinct dining hubs await your appetite.

The Anaheim Packing House and Packard Building are chock-full of awesome restaurants you’ll want to pay at least one visit, if not two or three while you’re in Orange County.

And the wait is over! In just a few short weeks, the evening farmers market will return to Farmers Park. Enjoy the year-round perfect SoCal weather and peruse through this market full of local produce and artisanal foods!

From Farmers Park, take a stroll through Center Street Promenade, where you can delight yourself in a great cup of coffee from Ink & Bean, enjoy a beer while you get your haircut at the Barbeer shop (that’s barber and beer combined), or satisfy your craving for some killer street tacos.

After spending countless hours in lines with your children at Disneyland it’s refreshing to come to the low-key Anaheim Packing District and relax. Make sure to come hungry and willing to gain a pound or two.

Now let’s take a journey through…

The Anaheim Packing House

anaheim packing house

What was once a packing house for Sunkist oranges is now an open air market with culinary  treats for every palate! What’s cool is they have maintained the original feel, seen in the orange-themed decor and overall atmosphere.

When you first enter the Anaheim Packing House, there are a bunch of charming gifts on display; a great place to pick up a souvenir for your friends back home or a gift for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

Now about those culinary treats:


1| Pop Bar

The build-your-own popsicle phenomenon has become wildly popular. You don’t want to miss out on this treat. Start with a base of either a popGelato, popSorbetto or yogurtPop, add your dippings (choose from 5 flavors, like mint dark chocolate) and finally, one of 7 toppings like nuts, or sprinkles. My personal favorite is a Pistachio popGelato dipped in dark chocolate with crushed hazelnuts on top.

anaheim packing house pop bar

2| Georgia’s

Who doesn’t love some good ‘ol Southern bar-b-que? Our property manager Ali raves about this place. “I loved the red beans and rice flavored with sausage slices. And the cornbread is a must.” A few other crowd favorites are the jambalaya and the fried chicken. It’s no mystery why visitors come to the Anaheim Packing House to splurge.

restaurants in anaheim packing house Georgia's

3| The Iron Press Local Beer and Waffles

Yes! A bar that sells waffle sandwiches! The fried chicken waffle sandwich is worth every calorie, complete with maple syrup on top! They also have an impressive selection of beer, with expert  employees happy to point out the best beer-waffle pairings.

restaurants in anaheim packing house

4| The Kroft

I had never tried poutine, fries topped with gravy, until I came to the Anaheim Packing House. Now, I (not so) mysteriously gravitate to The Kroft every time I step foot into the Packing House. Two must try’s: the chicken pot fries and the fried cheese curds. Like I said – splurge! You’re on vacation, you can do that.

restaurants in anaheim packing house kroft

And next door to the Anaheim Packing House lies another historic gem…

The Anaheim Packard Building

anaheim packard building

Built in 1925, this mission revival style building was once used as a car showroom. Today it’s home to the Anaheim Brewery and Umami Burger.

5| The Anaheim Brewery

The original Anaheim Brewery was established in 1870 and was the favorite local hang out. After it was closed down due to prohibition in the 20s, in 2010 it was reopened and is once again the go to bar for Anaheim residents. Hop on by for a local beer! The copper-colored, full-flavored Anaheim 1888, named to reflect the glory days of the original brewery, is a silver medal winner.

frestaurants in anaheim brewery beers
“One for a Nickel, Two for a Dime, Get your beer in Anaheim”

6| Unami Burger

Even though this is a chain restaurant, it’s definitely worth mentioning. Umami burgers and fries are unmatched, at least in my book. My personal favorites are the truffle burger and truffle fries.

restaurants in anaheim unami burger

In between the Packard Building and Packing House is…

Farmers Park

This charming park within the Anaheim Packing District is a great place to have a little picnic, especially once the evening Farmers’ Market re-opens  in May 2016.

7| The Farmers Market at Farmers Park

Looking for fresh, organic produce to cook during your vacation? This is the place to go. The Downtown Anaheim Association, a non-profit organization, manages this beautiful market.

restaurants in anaheim packing district

restaurants in anaheim packing district

Across from the Anaheim Packing District is the original Center Street of Anaheim…

Center Street Promenade

There’s never a dull moment in this part of town, as there are so many unique shops and eateries to explore! Shaheen Sadeghi, the brainchild behind the revival of downtown Anaheim, masterfully blended historical and modern here on Center St. Promenade.

It’s tough to narrow it down to a few places, but as far as food and drink goes, these are our favorites:

8| Pour La Vida

The perfect place for tacos. And their tasty nachos (pictured below) are loaded with guacamole, cheese, salsa, and meat!

restaurants in anaheim - pour la vida

9| Ink & Bean

This coffee shop has an infectious charm about it. Decorated with old typewriters and cool light fixtures, this is a great place to grab a hot cup of joe (they have great cold brew too!) and read a book from the mobile library right outside.

restaurants in anaheim ink and bean

10| Healthy Junk

The Twelve Springs team frequents this place. After splurging at the Packing House, it’s the perfect alternative! Here you’ll to rid yourself of the guilt brought on by eating so much fried food and get some delicious healthy options. I’d recommend the “Mighty Kale Salad” with chicken.

restaurants in anaheim healthy junk

11| Cafe Primo

They’re known for their fresh, flavorful mussels. After you have some of those, you absolutely must finish with the most memorable thing on the menu: a piece of their decadent chocolate cake.

restauranst in anaheim cafe primo

12| Barbeer Cut and Beer

This place really makes you feel as if you’ve traveled back in time like Marty McFly from Back to the Future traveling back in time. This old school barber shop not only offers with a bar offers but also a unique experience you won’t soon forget anytime soon. The fun, hipster vibe really draws you in, as do their innovative events like “Dapper Night” with complimentary food and giveaways.

restaurants in anaheim barbeer

Accommodations in Anaheim’s Historic Downtown

This gem of a historic downtown is in the backyard of three of the Twelve Springs vacation homes. The 4 bedroom Lemon Home, the 4 bedroom Helena Home, and the 3 bedroom Chestnut Home are all a 5-10 minute walk from the restaurants and shops in the Anaheim Packing District and Center Street Promenade.

Live like a local and don’t miss the opportunity to explore downtown Anaheim; you won’t regret it!

anaheim vacation rentals

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12 Fantastic Restaurants in Anaheim’s Historic Downtown

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