Mother’s Day Travel Gift Guide

mother's day travel gift guide

8 Gifts for the Globe-Trotting Mom

With Mother’s Day just a week away, you may be considering what unique and fun yet useful gift you can give your mom to let her know how special she is to you. If your mom loves to travel, here are a few travel-related gifts that will show your love and appreciation for her.

1| Try the World

mother's day travel gift guide - try the world

Try the World is a food subscription box that sends a sampling of foods from a particular country straight to mom’s doorstep! If you’re not ready to commit to a subscription, send her a single box so she can try it out first. Even if your mom is well-traveled, who wouldn’t want a surprise treat delivered to your door each month?

2| Personalized Brag Book

mother's day travel gift guide - baby brag book

If your mom is a grandma, this is the perfect gift! Fill this personalized brag book with pictures of your kids to make showing off her beautiful grandkids easily accessible. If your mom isn’t a grandma, fill it with pictures of fun times you’ve had together so she can brag about you!

3| Pretty Passport Holder

mother's day travel gift guide - passport cover leather monogrammed

A pretty passport cover is a classic Mother’s Day gift for a mom that loves to travel. Try one of the monogrammed leather cases pictured above from Etsy or peruse the other handmade passport covers that are available on Etsy.


4| Travel Care Package

mother's day travel gift guide - Travel Care Package with Free Map Gift Tags

If your mom has an upcoming trip planned, you may want to create a travel-themed care package tailored to suit her. Simply fill it with items she’ll need on her next trip. This one from Live Laugh Rowe is a creative example and includes free printable travel-themed gift tags! I like the super cute mini suitcase she packed it in, making it easy to ship in a box if your mom doesn’t live nearby.

5| Spa Gift Basket

mother's day travel gift guide - Honey We're Home Mother's Day Spa Gift Basket

Speaking of curated DIY gifts, this spa gift basket from Honey We’re Home will let your mom pamper herself when she returns from a long trip or is recovering from jet lag. You could even include a gift certificate for her to have a mani-pedi.

6| Pack-It Cube Set

mother's day travel gift guide - pack it cube set eagle creek

The Pack-It Specter Cube Set from Eagle Creek will make packing a breeze for mom. It sorts and contains travel items (shirts, pants, shorts, socks, etc.) to keep them in place and make packing at the end of a trip much easier. She won’t be left wondering how she fit everything in her suitcase in the first place.

7|Scratch-Off Travel Map

mother's day travel gift guide - MAP-SCRATCH

Help your mom keep track of all the places she’s traveled with this scratch-off world travel map. She can also put it on display, since it makes great wall décor.

8| Curling Iron Holder

mother's day travel gift guide - monogrammed curling iron holder

A curling iron holder will save the day when mom has to pack her hot curling iron into her suitcase. You can find this practical gift on Etsy in the monogrammed option shown in the picture above, or with travel-themed fabric like this Hemingway curling iron cover. Both of them can also hold a flat iron if that’s what your mom uses more often.

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