Anaheim’s Revived Downtown Packs a Punch

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The Anaheim Packing House: Then and Now

The hip and trendy food mecca we’ve come to know and love – The Anaheim Packing House – has a history that’s as rich as the foods it offers. Built almost 100 years ago, it was originally a Sunkist orange-packing facility. The Valencia orange was Anaheim’s pride and joy.

The Packing House in its heyday circa 1919

Anahiem Packing House exterior
Anaheim Packing House Restoration Complete: 2014

In the 20’s and 30’s, fruit was a delicacy. Getting a nice juicy orange in your Christmas stocking during the Depression Era was like getting a nugget of gold.

Anaheim Packing House Orange show
People traveled from all over the country to experience the annual Orange Show festivities.
Anaheim Packing House float
Today the site is now the Orange County fairgrounds.

The annual “Valencia Orange Show” truly put Anaheim on the map in the 1920s. People came from far and wide to see where the beautiful oranges were coming from. The festival had a parade with floats and competitions, one of which was a swimming race in a pool filled with oranges.

Anaheim Packing House history orange show

But back to the Anaheim Packing House…

Anaheim Packing House in its heyday circa 1919

Once an industrial building where oranges were gathered, washed, and boxed to be placed onto train cars, today,the Anaheim Packing House is a foodies’ paradise.  This open-air food market, decorated with bright colors and air succulents, is standing ready to tempt your taste buds.

Anaheim Packing House today

This historic landmark is a must see for all those vacationing in Anaheim. Pop into the Packing House and check out the boutique shops and delicious food! Enjoy a drink at one of the bars or try the amazing loose leaf teas from Zama Tea Company.

There’s something for everyone. You won’t be disappointed.

Anaheim Packing House pop baranaheim packing house - grilled cheese

There’s a build-your-own popsicle bar AND a grilled cheese bar. What more does one need?

Well, maybe some awesome Poutine from The Kroft:

anaheim packing house - poutine from kroft

As Orange County residents, we absolutely love to hang out at the Anaheim Packing House. Word is spreading too. I got this text message from a friend from Texas who is coming into town next weekend:

Anaheim Packing House local hotspot

Anaheim Packing House local hotspot 2

It just so happens several of Twelve Springs’ beautiful vacation homes are within walking distance of The Anaheim Packing House and other downtown destinations in Anaheim. So whether you’re planning your annual Disneyland vacation or coming to town for VidCon, you can stay with us and be perfectly situated to drop into the Packing House and soak up some local flavor!

Anaheim Packing House history

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