12 Chic Travel Accessories that Simplify Packing

chic travel accessories simplify packing

If you want to simplify your packing, streamline your travel, and stay in style while doing it, then check out these 12 chic travel accessories.

Whether you’re a seasoned world traveler or a homebody that only travels every once in awhile, there’s a travel accessory on this list that will be useful for everyone.


travel accessory - portable charger

1 Portable Charger by Apelpi

A sleek and stylish portable phone charger is the perfect travel accessory for almost anyone. Use your regular USB phone charger to You can carry it with you wherever you go and it will come in handy during those times when you need to use your cell phone the most, yet the battery is dying.

travel accessory - cord taco

2 Cord Taco by This is Ground

Now there’s a stylish way to control your cords. No need to use a twisty tie, rubber band, or get tangled in loose cords while searching through your travel bag. The cord taco is made from 100% leather so your ear buds or USB cords will look chic while they’re kept neatly in place.

travel accessory - travel bag for shoes

3 The Perfect Pair Cotton Shoe Bag by Kate Spade

This canvas drawstring travel bag is the best travel accessory for packing your shoes. Whether you have dress shoes that you want to prevent from being scuffed, or tennis shoes with dirty soles that you want to protect your clothes from, it’s versatile enough to suit any traveler’s needs. You may also be interested in the other chic travel accessories in Kate Spade’s line, such as the Wash & Wear Lingerie Bags or the Bits & Baubles Jewelry Pouch. These canvas travel bags will simplify your packing and keep you organized.


travel accessory - tracking device

4 Tracking Device by TrackR

Never lose your keys, wallet, or phone again with this compact aluminum tracking device! This sleek-looking, coin-sized device attaches to anything of yours that is valuable, allowing you to track it via the TrackR app on iPhone or Android in the event that it is lost or stolen. The app even tells you how far away you are from your missing item so you know if you’re getting hotter or colder. This travel accessory makes finding lost or stolen valuables a breeze for both international and domestic travel.

travel accessory - interchangeable sandals

5 Interchangeable Women’s Sandal by Cambiami

These are perfect for a vacation that involves sun and sand! And the best part is that you don’t need to pack every pair of shoes you own for a one week vacation. With plenty of interchangeable options, you can change your look for a casual day spent sight-seeing to a night on the town in an instant. Cambiami boasts that this is the only sandal you’ll ever need. For travelers, this is all too true.

travel accessory - toothbrush sanitizer

6 Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer by Violife

Did you know that an easy way to prevent sickness while traveling is not just to sanitize your hands, but to also sanitize your toothbrush? Citing that “more than 10,000,000 bacteria can be living on a single toothbrush” the Violight Toothbrush Sanitizer has a UV lightbulb that “kills up to 99.9% of the bacteria, such as E.Coli, salmonella, and other harmful microorganisms.” Powered by two AA batteries, this sanitizer is a much better alternative to the standard plastic toothbrush case. The unit even includes a toothbrush that has a suction cup on the end of it, so there’s no need to put your toothbrush on a dirty surface, since it can be stuck upright to the bathroom counter. Take it to conferences, keep it in your gym bag, and bring it on vacation with you. Your health will thank you.

travel accessory - hair tie bracelet

7 Hair Tie Bracelet by BitterSweet

Here is the solution to your hair tie woes. No more unsightly hair tie indentation in your wrist or searching for a hair tie in the depths of your purse. This hair tie bracelet will stylishly hold your hair tie until you need to use it. Best of all, it comes in a few different color options, making it both chic and functional!

travel accessory - wind-blows-travel-pouch

8 Wind Blows Travel Pouch by Mochi Things

This chic travel pouch is useful for both travel and daily use inside a purse, diaper bag, or suitcase. The travel pouch contains 3 pockets, a drawstring closure, and is made out of polyester mesh so it’s water and dirt resistant. There are 3 band locks in the main compartment where you can store travel sized bottles and it even includes a PVC pouch for wet items such as a toothbrush, toothpaste or other toiletries. In case you drop it, the extra cushion built inside will help to protect your items.


travel accessory - portable humidifier

9 Portable Humidifier by Satechi

This is a handy gadget to use if you’re sick, battling altitude dryness, are a frequent traveler, or if you’re a traveling performer that needs to keep your vocal folds hydrated. It’s also great if you’re traveling with kids who are too young to take cold medications when they’re sick. As the picture indicates, these travel humidifiers actually work best when used with a bottle of Evian. With an 8-hour automatic shut-off, 2 extra filters, and a USB cable, this portable humidifier is convenient enough to bring with you anywhere.

travel accessory - leather journal

10 Bombay Brown Leather Wrap Journal with Tie by Barnes & Noble

Jot down all of your cherished vacation memories and exciting travel adventures in this journal from Barnes and Noble. It’s a special way to keep track of where you have been and what unique experiences you had while you were there. Since it is leather bound, hand stitched, and composed of cream-colored parchment paper, you just may feel the urge to go full-on Robinson Crusoe and use a quill pen for your journaling. Maybe. Besides being a travel accessory, it also makes a great gift for high school or college graduates.

travel accessory - foldable bag

11 Foldable Bag by Land’s End

If you’ve ever returned home from a vacation with more items than you have room for in your suitcase, then this bag is a necessary accessory. It will help you bring home all of your travel souvenirs and gifts for friends and family. It’s also perfect to use as a beach bag, as you can simply pop it into the washing machine if it gets sandy. It’s even compact enough to pop into a purse, diaper bag, or carry on suitcase. When you’re not traveling, bring it along to a local farmer’s market or use it as a reusable grocery bag. For a chic upgrade, have your initials monogrammed in gold.

travel accessory - 7 skin rejuvenating eye mask

12 Skin Rejuvenating Eye Mask by Iluminage

Minimize the appearance of wrinkles while you sleep with this skin rejuvenating eye mask! This is a great travel accessory for a long plane flight since it blocks all visual stimuli. Besides being silky and soft, this eye mask features smart technology as it is carefully embedded with copper, an essential mineral with skin-enhancing properties. Copper is actually a mineral that is naturally found in your skin and can play a role in the skin’s renewal process. Who knew?



Hopefully these 12 travel accessories provide you with some options for simplifying your packing and traveling in style!


Great list of travel accessories that simplify packing! | 12 Chic Travel Accessories that Simplify Packing by Twelve Springs



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